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If you have thyroid issues that require thyroid removal, you MUST see Dr. Parikh! His innovative approach to this procedure afforded me a very quick recovery time compared to friends that have had the same procedure. Four weeks post-op and my wound looks amazing. His incision size compared to other physician’s is remarkable! The surgery center recovery room staff was wonderful and attentive. Very please with my overall experience at this group!
5/5 | Aug 10, 2016

This review is primarily about Dr. Parikh although I would also highly recommend the ENT center staff. I thing we sometimes overlook that when we choose a doctor we are asking ourselves would I trust this person with my life. I would without reservation trust Dr. Parikh with my life based on my treatment and subsequent surgery for removal of a large tumor and part of my thyroid gland. Dr. Parikh is personable, communicative in every sense of the word and a highly competent practitioner. His approach to my situation was very caring and left me with choices as to my treatment. I cannot say enough superlatives about this physician other than to say he earned my trust in every sense of the word and I would recommend him to anyone needing treatment for ENT or thyroid problems.
Craig S.

Really great experience. He clearly is an expert in the field as I visited two endocrinologists who both recommended him. I even saw my dad’s endocrinologist in North Caroline who had heard of Dr. Parikh. I had a small thyroid cancer that he did a short 45 minute surgery to remove. I am now 1 week out from surgery, the cancer was completely removed and you can barely see my scar. I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Parikh, his office and surgery center.
-Emma W.

Dr. Shatul Parikh is an excellent surgeon – doesn’t waste any time. Perfect surgery with minimal scarring. He was very polite, professional and everything he said was correct. I would definitely recommend him to anyone.
– Judy G.

I don’t know about other doctors here but I was helped by Dr. Shatul and I am writing this review based on my experience with him. I have consulted with a few other doctors with other big clinics and big hospitals for allergies but I have to say that he is one of the best I have met. He diagnosed my problem quickly and gave me the medication and suggested the right surgery. Other hospitals were suggesting to me an expensive remedy but Dr. Shatul recommended me the right one. I had my surgery last October (2015) and been good since then. I do not write reviews normally but thought someone else may get benefit out of my review if you are looking for allergy remedies and nasal surgery for deviated septum.
– Prem Kumar sb

Dr. Parikh and his staff made all the difference in a very stressful and extended illness. One of the most important things for me when I was looking for a surgeon was that they be *very* experienced in parathyroidectomy procedures, since the tiny glands lay beneath the thyroid. His extensive and nearly exclusive focus on patients with hyperparathyroid, as well as the pioneering technique of being able to use ultrasound to see which gland was affected made it an easy choice for me.

But the icing on the cake was how kind and friendly Dr. Parikh and all of his staff and nurses are. He made sure every question about every aspect of the procedure was answered for me, and that my mind was at ease. I even had concerns about how I would handle anesthesia, since I’ve had problems before. But I woke up with *no* side effects or grogginess only 20 minutes after the procedure was over.

I was able to go out to lunch with my husband right after leaving the medical center (French onion soup, please!)

The wound closure was so well done, and the scar was barely visible weeks later.

And the main thing? I feel SO, so, so, so much better. Thank you, Dr. Parikh and staff! You gave me my life back.
– Gwen Brown

Dr. Parikh is an excellent surgeon. An ultrasound performed by Dr. Parikh at my first visit diagnosed what other Doctors had missed for years. My surgery took place as scheduled and I received outstanding care. I have a tiny scar, hardly have had any pain at all and I feel better than I have felt in years. Dr Parikh delivers on all that he promises and provides excellent surgical healthcare.
– Pat L.| Sacramento, CA

Dr. Parikh removed my parathyroid adenoma. I have struggled with this disease for 15 years. Dr. Parikh diagnosed my adenoma by ultrasound, and took me to the operating room 2 weeks later. The surgery took 12 minutes!!!! I feel the best I have felt in decades. I would recommend Dr. Parikh to anyone.
– Stephen T.| Charleston, SC

Went to see Dr. Parikh for my high calcium and parathyroid problem. I have been to two other surgeons who recommended all sorts of testing and a long surgery. Dr. Parikh found my overactive parathyroid by ultrasound on my first visit. I was scheduled for surgery two weeks later. The surgery took 20 minutes and I was biking two days later. I haven’t felt this good in years!
– Lauren K.| Raleigh, NC

Parathyroid surgery took 20 minutes. Unbelievable results. Thanks Dr. Parikh.
– Sharon S.| Atlanta, GA

Dr. Parikh (and the entire staff) were very pleasant and professional. Dr. Parikh explained everything to me in a manner where it was easily understood, and Michelle handled the billing with my insurance company with ease (to ensure everything would be ready for my surgery).
– Kirk R.| Minnetonka, MN

Dr. Parikh and his parathyroid surgery team made this daunting process so simple! I flew into Atlanta on Thursday morning and was home by Friday night. Back to work on Monday in Boston with almost no pain.
– Paul T.| Boston, MA

After 7 years and 3 doctors trying to figure out what was wrong with me Dr. Parikh has been the answer to my prayers! I have a heart problem and was terrified to undergo anesthesia. Dr. Parikh discussed all the options with me and together we chose the safest process for me. Dr. Parikh actually listened to me and addressed each of my concerns. He managed to remove all 4 of my parathyroid glands in under an hour and 6 weeks later my calcium levels are back to normal. I feel better than I’ve felt in years!
– Marcy A.| Amherst, NY

Thank you Dr. Parikh for giving me the energy to play with my granddaughter again! I almost missed out on her childhood because of the debilitating results of parathyroid disease. I feel “normal” again!
– Dolores K.| Gulf Shores, MS

The symptoms I experienced from hyperparathyroidism were weakness, irritability, joint pain, depression, kidney stones, and generally feeling like things weren’t right. I passed 13 kidney stones in two years since I had an elevated calcium of 10.9, but the doctor initially didn’t want to send me for a PTH test. Eventually I pushed the issue and it was 125. With an elevated PTH and calcium level, you will have a benign adenoma, which is easily removed by the newer methods employed by Dr. Parikh (20 minute outpatient procedure). Skip the exploratory route. I am post-op two weeks and feel 10 years younger! All of my symptoms are either gone or minimal.
– Scott M.| Austin, TX

The endocrinologist my GP sent me to was worthless. Lots of them never see a hyperparathyroidism case for years at a time – I did my research and found Dr. Parikh who removed a parathyroid tumor the size of a marble from my neck in about 30 minutes. I’ve suffered from frequent kidney stones for years but now haven’t had one since my surgery 2 years ago!
– Marilyn S.| Akron, OH

Very impressive surgical center! State of the art equipment, clean environment, friendly and caring staff. Dr. Parikh’s bedside manner was also impressive. His knowledge and experience in his specialty made me feel very comfortable allowing him to operate on me. I would recommend Dr. Parikh and this facility to anyone!
– Sarah W.| Springfield, IL

My calcium levels had been high for years, but none of my doctors took the time to check it out until I moved to Florida. It did not show up on the sestamibi scan, so do not take the radiologist word it’s not there. Symptoms: sleeping 14 hours a day and still tired, severe memory loss (my husband said he repeated things many times and then I would ask again as if we had never discussed it), 1 – 2 kidney stones per month. Took lots of calcium after the tumor was removed, I’m 2 1/2 years post-op and feel great.
– Jan C.| Zephyrhills, FL

I am a singer and my voice is my livelihood so I was VERY nervous to undergo a surgery that comes so close to my vocal cord. I put it off as long as I possibly could but the fatigue accompanied by my travel schedule was unbearable and the depression was damaging to my personal relationships. I chose Dr. Parikh because I learned that he performs as many as 20 parathyroidectomies a week so I knew I was in the hands of a very skilled surgeon.
– Dawn T.| Nashville, TN

I found Dr. Parikh online in my search for thyroid and parathyroid specialists. In need of a parathyroidectomy and partial thyroidectomy, he performed an instant scan using advanced ultrasound technology on my first visit. He was also quick to return my call when I had additional questions the next day. I was very happy with the surgery process and minimal scar (<1.5"). I highly recommend Dr. Parikh for this category of specialized surgery over a general surgeon. – Carl M.| Branson, MO

I went to Dr. Parikh for these nodules that had showed up in my thyroid Dr. Parikh did an ultrasound of my thyroid that day. We scheduled surgery immediately and before I knew it my thyroid was out. My scar is hardly visible. He did a wonderful job. Dr. Parikh was very thorough and efficient. Dr. Parikh and his staff were awesome they were extremely kind and caring. He took great care of me and I would recommend his office to anyone with a sinus or thyroid problem. THEY ARE AWESOME…..
– David S.| Savannah, GA